Incoming Materials

All Incoming Materials on arrival are rested in the store area with a label of “under test”, post checking they are either approved or rejected , the approved materials carry the QC Approved Label and the approval report of the same signed by the QC head is in the stores record and with the QC dept.

Every job has a job number and a job sheet, mentioning all the specs , the approved digital art work and the physical label sample All Entries by printing, punching, sorting supervisor done in the job sheet Two labels on each core , one inside the core for back tracking, and one outside the core, contains Item code, Item name and Qty per roll.

GSM Testing Machine for checking GSM of Incoming Raw Material. In-house ink mixing arrangement One of the few Companies in India to have Video Inspection Systems from Germany for inspecting the printed individual labels on various critical parameters

Spectrophotometer for color matching Color Matching Booth / Daylight Cabinet Rub (Scuff) resistance Tester

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